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Q: Previously, I've tried recycled toner cartridges before and they didn't work! Why should I try your Ori Part toner cartridges?

A: Back when recycling toner cartridges started, a lot of folks were eager to make a fast buck. They saw an opportunity and seized it. Unfortunately, with little or no technical ability or training, they made a poor quality product that caused a lot of problems.

The industry and the standards have improved dramatically over time. In the past, remanufacturers used to clean and refill cartridges. But times have changed, science of remanufactured toner cartridge has advanced, and now studies showed that remanufactured cartridges are of the same or higher quality than the new.

At HB, we pride ourselves as one of the best remanufacturer & Ori Part cartridges industry in Malaysia. Every component of every cartridge is tested, inspected, and replaced as to provide the quality as the originals.

Q: Will it expensive?

A: Our Ori Part cartridges are approximately 30% to 40% comparing to the cost of new cartridges. And your savings don't end there. We use replacement parts that exceed the specifications of factory parts and we load our cartridges with extra toner, to ensure extra prints in every cartridge.

Q: Can an Ori Part toner cartridge damage my printer?

A: A toner cartridge that been properly assembly should not cause damage of any kind to your printer. It is important to find a cartridge assembler that is experienced in the proper methods of assembling, who puts out a quality product, and stand behind the products he sells.

The worst case scenarios for an improperly remanufactured cartridge are:

1. The toner from the cartridge may dump in the printer. This does not cause any damage to the printer but it does need to be cleaned. The toner is designed to withstand high temperatures. In fact, the paper in the printer will burn before the toner does. However, printers have heat sensors and will shut down before this occurs. In this case, the problem lies, not with the cartridge, but with the fuser;

2. (really the worst case) A part of the cartridge falls off the cartridge and goes into the fuser. The fuser will then of course have to be repaired.

Q: Will I get the same number of printed pages from a Ori Part toner cartridge?

A: We guarantee that you should get at least same or more pages from one of our cartridges than from an original manufacturer's cartridge. It is simple because we put more 10% to 15% toner each cartridge than the original manufacturer. Cartridges will give exact performance, unless they are use in a controlled laboratory environment printing exactly the same documents have different amounts of print on a page, the amount of toner required to print each page will vary.

Q: How do I know if my laser printer uses a cartridge that can be remanufactured?

A: Approximately 80% of the laser printers in market today uses a Canon - based engine. This means that Canon holds the patent on the engine and print technology. Canon manufactures the engines and the cartridges and sells them to companies such as Hewlett - Packard, Apple and many others. These companies make a few cosmetics changes and put their name on the printers and market them to you. The ones that have the same engines all use the same cartridges.

Q: I'm using remanufactured laser printer cartridges from another company, and they're cost is cheaper, what's the difference? Why should I buy yours?

A: Great! We're glad you are using remanufactured toner cartridges helping our local economy and protecting our environment. But paying less is not necessarily a true savings. Let us explain.

First, of course is the toner and second is the O.E.M drum and etc. Some remanufactured offer a low price because they buy inexpensive toner and others component and reuse parts that are beyond their useful life. The result is a cartridge that fails before the toner runs out. This cost you money that you don't realize.

HB has done extensive research into finding the best toner and component (such as Drum, Doctor Blade, Wiper Blade.) available on the market for each particular cartridge. There are many important factors in evaluating toner and component, such as average toner particle size, transfer rate, consistency from batch to batch and calibration of the toner and the components of the cartridge. The best toner and components is not necessarily the most expensive, but most certainly, it is not the cheapest available.

Q: I've heard that remanufactured cartridges suffer from quality problems. Why would I want to run that risk?

A: Simply, its not true. While it may be the case with some remanufactures, if you are dealing with an established, reputable company, this is certainly not the case. In the rare event that we do have a problem, we make every effort to respond promptly to correct the problem and minimize the inconvenience of the customer. Please do not hesitate to call us if you have a problem with a new cartridge, we will respond promptly to solve your problem.

Q: How much does a remanufactured toner cartridge cost, anyway?

A: On the average, about 30% to 40% of what a new cartridge would cost you. With our cartridge, all you have to do so is call us. We offer free delivery & pickup of your empty cartridges.

Q: Why buy HB Toner Cartridge?

Because HB CONNECT SUPPLY is a consumer orientated company that provides:

1. Complimentary technical service on site for Toner Cartridges and printer problems.
2. Complimentary yearly printer cleaning services for customer purchase more than 3 units of assorted model cartridges monthly.
3. Express delivery within 8 working hours on order.
4. Warrants each cartridge sold by it to be free of defects in both material and workmanship under normal use and service.

One stop printer package

1. No Contract
2. Not hassle of signing-up with any contract while enjoying the mentioned benefits.
3. Decrease your office printing cost with original toner printing quality
4. Cutting down your office printing expenses through a lowered price.
5. Printer repair insurance cover where you can get a free insurance cover on your appointed laser printer up    to RM 400 on  
6. Your printer fixed spare part & printer engine.
7. Insurance cover up to 30 days from the 1st day of usage of the toner cartridge.
8. Clearing Empty Toner Cartridge Service where its helps increase your company’s empty toner cartridge value when you wish to clean it from your office.
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